There’s Cash In Your Closet….

Beauty and a budget

This morning I woke up early with the intention of spring cleaning – but alas things I think of at night aren’t nearly as exciting the next morning, so I thought I’d write about it to encourage some inspiration. I live in a mid century atomic ranch – which I absolutely love since I’m obsessed with the style – but evidently closet space wasn’t a priority for the discerning 1950′s woman. If you’ve ever lived in one of these homes you know what I’m talking about….they put a 6 ft wide hole in the wall and call it closet space.

I keep telling myself its a good thing, makes me only keep the clothes I’ll actually wear (don’t have room for extra!), but throughout the year it also slowly becomes an atomic explosion and I hold my breath every time I open it, hoping nothing topples out on top of me. That’s why once a year I force myself to do a little spring cleaning. Start fresh. (And it gives me an excuse to buy more clothes).

Before I tell you how to find cash in your closet to buy those new clothes, you’ve got to know what you’re letting go of. So pile it up. Try on everything (yes, everything) and make 3 piles – KEEP, MAYBE, and PITCH. Obviously keep the KEEP pile, decide on your MAYBE’s (do they really fit? will you actually wear them? when did you wear them last? can they be tailored?), and follow the tips below for the PITCH pile.

1) Threadflip: This is buy far the most popular of all the fashion resale sites. They’ve got 2 options – you can either send the clothes to them (in a free shipping bag they send you) to sell and ship for you and you keep 60%, or you can list, sell, and ship them yourself and keep 80% of the profit. www.threadflip.comĀ 

2) Poshmark: If you’re into the social media thing, this one might be for you. They’ve got an app and you can list, sell, and shop all from your phone. They take a flat fee for items under $15, and you keep 80% of profit from items over $15. www.poshmark.comĀ 

3) Thredup: If you’ve got barely used items, this is a great place to sell them as they are pretty picky on what clothing they’ll sell. They’ve also got a children’s section if you’ve got a bunch of “worn once” outfits from your kids. They send you a free shipping bag, you pack up your clothes and send them in. They’ve even got a calculator so you have an idea of what to expect as far as pay – you’ll get paid in advance on most items which is a plus since you don’t have to wait for them to sell on the site to get your cash.

4) Go off the grid. Not into the online thing? Most cities have consignment shops or resale stores. They might accept less of your stuff (since there’s a smaller audience), but you get the “in person” experience and still get the end result – cash in your pocket.

5) Swap it. Know a bunch of stylish ladies? Host a clothing swap party. Each attendee brings an agreed upon amount of clothing/accessories and for each piece you bring, you get to take a piece home. Make sure you have a good mix of sizes so everyone has at least two swap buddies. And make sure you set some rules and have a “browsing session” so everyone can see their options before the swapping begins.

6) Donate it. We all have those pieces that just need to go, so make sure you donate the ones that don’t make the cut in the above options.

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  1. Wow, this was perfect timing Sara. I JUST cleaned out my closet and was contemplating next steps. Never heard of threadflip…definitely checking that one out. Thanks!!

  2. Just ordered my full service shipping bag from Threadflip – will be my first time using them to sell but I’ve heard nothing but good things. Let me know how it goes for you!